Welcome to Terrace Point Marina

This is our summer home away from home. While we welcome new friends to the marina, we think it is only fair that you know a few things about the social structure of the place. First off- if you plan on spending a night here please stay on B-Dock (THE Party Spot). They have free beer every weekend from 7 PM till midnight! C-Dock tends to be an older more sophisticated crowd that sips 30-year-old scotch, goes to bed early and greets the sun every morning with a latte and some yoga.
Marina Pictures
Opossum Rescue Squad
While on her security rounds Edy found an opossum stranded on a light fixture in the sculpture pool. We pulled together an opossum posse and put our rescue plan in action. The wily opossum gave quite a fight but we did end up landing her and then set her free.

4th. of July at the point
Those Crazy C-Dockers
Beauty Spa Party
When Bob heard that Carol was offering free pedicures he jumped for his cell phone and called Les. The rest is history... the first annual C-Dock Spa Party was a huge success.