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Winter 2003 Group Cruise
February 22, 2003

What is the tipping policy on board?

Carnival Pride uses the Reverse Gratuity System

For guest's convenience, the gratuities will be automatically added to the guest's onboard Sail & Sign account. The total amount will be $9.75 per guest, per day, which breaks down as follows:
$5.50 pp/pd for Dining Team Service
$0.45 pp/pd for Dining Room Management
$0.30 pp/pd for Alternate Dining Service
$3.50 pp/pd for Cabin Services (Cabin Steward)

Tipping the Maitre d' is strictly at the guest's discretion, based upon services rendered. For guests who wish to extend this gratuity in cash, an envelope will be available on the last evening of the cruise.

The guest will have the discretion to adjust gratuities based on the level of service received during the cruise. In order to do so, the guest will need to contact the Information Desk in person.

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What kind of beverages are available on board?
Carnival's shipboard bars boast an extensive beverage menu, including many specialty and exotic drinks. Beer - Priced between $2.95 and $5.95 per bottle, domestic, specialty or imported. Wines and champagne - By the glass, range between $4.00 and $5.75. Specialty cocktails, frozen drinks and breezers - Priced between $3.25 and $4.50 each.

Guests may also purchase a Fountain Fun Card which will allow them unlimited soft drinks for the duration of the cruise, at a one time purchase price (including gratuities).

What are your alcohol and consumption policies?
Guests are prohibited from bringing alcoholic beverages on board the ship in the port of embarkation (with the exception of wine and/or champagne). If the wine and/or champagne are brought to the Dining Room for consumption, a $10.00 corkage fee will be charged to the guest. Otherwise, the guest may drink the wine and/or champagne in the privacy of their cabin only. It may not be brought into any public lounge or room.

Alcohol purchased in a port-of-call: Alcoholic beverages purchased in any port-of-call will be appropriated at the gangway and stored onboard until the last night of the cruise, upon which it will be delivered to the guest's cabin.

What about money?
"Sail & Sign" is Carnival's cashless onboard credit program which allows guests to charge their purchases directly to their personal account for convenience throughout the cruise. Registration will take place during the embarkation process or onboard at the Purser's Office. The following deposits are required per guest:
2 - 4 Day Cruises - $100 deposit per guest
5 - 8 Day Cruises - $200 deposit per guest
9+ Day Cruises - $350 deposit per guest

U.S. currency and traveler's checks are accepted as a form of deposit to open a Sail & Sign account at the start of the cruise. As the guest approaches the deposit limit, the Information Desk will notify the guest that additional money must be deposited. Any remaining available cash balance will be refunded via check, printed and delivered to the guest's cabin on the morning of debarkation.

Credit Cards

The completed Sail & Sign application form (included with your cruise documents) must be presented along with a VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Guests may also use a Check/Debit Card, as long as it is a registered VISA or MasterCard.

With each approval, a credit hold will be placed on the credit card. All charges will be automatically billed to the guest's credit card at the end of the voyage. For Check/Debit Cards, the funds will be withdrawn from the guest's account. On the final morning of the cruise, a detailed statement will be delivered to the guest's cabin. The total amount will be charged to the credit card presented during registration. In addition, the Purser's Office can provide the guest with a balance update at any time throughout the cruise.

Check Cashing
Guests may cash one personal check up to $250.00 in U.S. funds, from a U.S. bank, accompanied by an American Express card. A check from a Canadian bank will be cashed at the current exchange rate onboard, not to exceed $250.00 U.S. Traveler's checks may be cashed at the Purser's Office. Canadian traveler's checks will be cashed at the current exchange rate.

Cash Advance
Guests can get a cash advance on their credit card either at the Purser's Office or in the Casino. Carnival uses Comdata Corporation for cash advance services. Comchek will accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card. In order to obtain a cash advance the guest's credit card must be activated through the Sail and Sign system. The maximum cash advance permitted will depend on the credit limit authorized by the specific credit card company, and there will be a nominal fee based on the amount of the advance.


There are ATMs located on the Promenade Deck of all Carnival ships. The ATMs are controlled by Bank Atlantic of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and there is a $5.00 fee per transaction. Guests are able to withdraw funds and make balance inquiries on their checking and savings accounts while the ship is in port or at sea.

What are the requirements for proof of citizenship?
Proper travel documentation is required at embarkation and throughout the cruise and is the responsibility of the guest. Any guest traveling without proper documentation will not be allowed to board the vessel and no refund of the cruise fare will be issued.
United States citizens must present proof of citizenship in the form of a passport, original birth certificate, U.S. Military ID, or original Naturalization papers.

In addition to the above requirements, all guests 16 years of age or older, must provide an official photo I.D.

Is there a shipboard beauty salon?
Yes. Beauty salon services include, hairdressing for men and women, coloring, manicure and pedicure. Guests may also choose to pamper themselves with health spa treatments such as a facial, massage, personal training or hair removal (waxing). A full list of services and rates may be obtained on board. Appointments are set on board the ships, and services may not be available at all times on all ships.

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What should I pack?
Casual attire is the order of the day, both on board and ashore. For one or two nights, a dark suit or formal attire is suggested. The dress code for other evenings ranges from sport coat and tie to casual resort wear.

Can I make and receive telephone calls?
You may direct dial your family and friends via satellite from the comfort of your stateroom at any time during your cruise. You may also use the ship's Radio Room any time the ship is at sea. Additional information, instructions and charges are found in the ship's directory in your stateroom. Please note that since communications at sea are via satellite, guests cannot use calling cards or credit cards, nor dial collect.

Your friends and family may also call you via Shore-to-ship Telephone Service by calling Within the U.S.:1-877-CCLSHIP (1-877-225-7447) The caller needs to have available the ship name and the guest's name. The rate is $9.50 per minute. The charges will be applied to the caller's credit card.