"One Happy Island"

The first port on our cruise was Oranjestad, Aruba. There are car rental offices just across the street from the cruise dock for the brave and adventurous. We rented 4X4 Jeeps and tried to see all the hot spots (pictured below) on the island. If you rent a vehicle make sure to ask the rental agent to explain the islands road signs. I drove around all day on Aruba and still don't know what their stop sign looks like! 

The Ayo Rock Formations with Judith in the background Aru_Rock.jpg (66901 bytes) Click on an image to enlarge picture.
Ayo Rock Formations Aru_SnCnK.jpg (45806 bytes)

Aru_Jeep.jpg (33288 bytes)

4-Wheeling to the Natural Bridge
It's a party at Carlos-n-Charlies! Aru_Carlos.jpg (36786 bytes)

Aru_Waves.jpg (58437 bytes)

The rugged North coast
Downtown Oranjestad Pizza Hut Aru_pizzal.jpg (44952 bytes)

Aru_Bridge.jpg (60907 bytes)

The Natural Bridge
The NCL Dream in port Aru_Dream.jpg (35005 bytes)

Aru_hill.jpg (50788 bytes)

Near the Natural Bridge