St. Thomas

US Virgin Island

St. Thomas was our last port of call. This was our third time on the island and our last day on the cruise so we we used this day to just kick back and relax. We stocked up on booze at Havensight, relaxed onboard and took the gondola to Paradise Point and had a few drinks.  Some of our group went to Magens Bay and most made it into Charlotte Amalie.

Paradise Point On Board
View of the ships from Paradise Point. (the Dream is in the center) St_Harbor.jpg (54300 bytes) St_Bow.jpg (61799 bytes) A Royal Caribbean ship on our bow and ...
Good friends, Great view. I can still feel the hot sun on my back. St_Gon.jpg (56098 bytes)

St_aft.jpg (59433 bytes)

...the Dawn Princess at our stern. Saturday is a  very busy day on St. Thomas
Kickin' Back St_GonView.jpg (53783 bytes)